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Our Initiatives

Each community-level strategy consists or is composed of a diverse group of stakeholders collaborating around a particular focus to achieve a common goal.

School Based Mental Health

School Based Mental Health Services Workgroup

Goal: To provide Brown County students faced with barriers to traditional mental health clinical care access to mental health services in their schools.

Workplace Mental Wellness

Workplace Mental Wellness Workgroup

Goal: To create informed and supportive workplace environments by engaging workplaces to assist in identifying, adopting, and/or enhancing policies and practices that are supportive of employee mental health and their seeking of mental healthcare services when needed.

Education Development

Embedding Education Workgroup

​Goal: To take advantage of and enhance existing relationships between individuals and organizations to deliver mental health content, resources, and tools that individuals can act on.
By providing non-mental-health professionals with education and other resources about mental health and mental healthcare access, so they can become trusted, informed, and supportive access points for mental health support and care especially for those who are more at risk of poor mental health, such as the unemployed, those unable to work, and the working poor. By identifying  gaps in available services and subsequently providing training in those identified areas of service in order to  provide mental health professionals evidence-based, educational opportunities to advance their level of skill and enhance their ability to provide premium care and meet the identified gaps of available services within our community.


Faith Leaders Workgroup

Goal: To assist faith/spiritual leaders in growing their knowledge, and changing their attitudes and practices about mental wellness and mental health care access to better support their parishioners’ mental health and mental health needs.


Improved Access and Community Capacity

Access and Interagency Communication Workgroup

Goal 1: To develop “No Wrong Door” access to mental healthcare in our community; frontline staff of mental healthcare organizations are able to direct those seeking services to appropriate services beyond they cannot accommodate a particular need in a timely manner

Goal 2: To identify and implement a comprehensive information system with both current and available mental health services in our community and mental health concerns and topics to allow the providers as well as individuals with mental healthcare concerns to be able to identify the most suitable care from the most appropriate provider

Trainee Opportunities Workgroup

Goal: To develop a robust homegrown workforce of employment-ready mental health counselors to increase the community’s capacity for providing mental health services to those in need. By working together, we will alleviate the backlog of graduated clinical students seeking their final training requirements, in turn leading to more trained providers in the community.

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